I- Feature



II- Download


DicomToolBox is freeware. You can download it at DicomToolBox Installer.

If you find some bugs, please send an email to: dicomtoolbox@free.fr.


III- Author


DicomToolBox has been created by Loic Boussel: loic.boussel@libertysurf.fr.

IV- Usage


a- Main Window



Buttons :


Open local database (local database location: menu option/main folder)


Open Dicom CDROM


Open DicomDir


Browse Folder


Add current selection to local database


Add current selection to Export zone


Export files to jpeg, avi or dicom


View current selection in the 2D Viewer





        Patient List : Patient List management

        Export : Add/Remove current selection to Export Zone

        Dicom Tags : Edit or Modify Dicom Tags (Dicom compression is allowed)

        Option : Main folder is "local database"



b- 2D Viewer






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